Here are a few examples of how we have helped people like you successfully defend their charges.

Case Files

Criminal Charges

  • K. P. was charged and found guilty of fraud of over $1 million. The crown was seeking a 6-7 year sentence but Mr. Sederoff was able to have it reduced to the minimum mandatory sentence of 13 months.
  • J. L. and Z. F., both immigrants to Canada, were charged with possession and growth of over 1000 marijuana plants for the purposes of trafficking. Federal sentence was found to be unconstitutional after Mr. Sederoff's arguments.
  • K. Y. was charged with running a marijuana grow operation. After Mr. Sederoff was retained, he was able to convince the Federal Crown Attorney they had no reasonable prospect of conviction and his charges were withdrawn in Old City Hall in 2015.
  • In 2015, S. L. was charged with 100 break and enters. He was found not guilty of every single count after a trial in Newmarket.
  • In 2014 and 2015, Mr. Sederoff defended R. T. on cocaine trafficking charges in Saskatchewan. After a two week judge alone trial, R. T. was found not guilty. Crown appealed to the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal. The highest court in that province dismissed the Crown appeal. Not guilty.
  • Three men who tended to more than 11,000 marijuana plants at a large grow-op at a Wainfleet greenhouse claim they were just gardeners and not masterminds behind the $11-million operation. Mr. Sederoff was able to have the case adjourned due to immigration concerns.
  • The Cambodian community was celebrating in Toronto and York region at a banquet hall in Toronto. A fight broke out where a young man was stabbed, punched and later died. The incident was captured on video surveillance. The fight was between two groups. Mr. Sederoff's client, C. C., was charged with First Degree Murder. In 2013 after a trial by jury, C. C. was found not guilty of first degree murder and not guilty of manslaughter. In other words, not guilty. He was released from custody once the verdict was rendered.
  • From 2013-2015, Mr. Sederoff was lead counsel on a cold case related to a 1983 disappearance and eventual first degree murder prosecution. He was released on bail pending the charges. After years of negotiation, including resolution meetings and judicial pre-trials, all murder-related charges including failing to provide necessities of life, were stayed.
  • An inmate at the Don Jail in Toronto was killed. The Crown alleged Mr. Sederoff's client was the ringleader related to the planned beating and eventual death of that inmate. A. M. was charged with murder. After a trial by jury in 2014, Mr. A. M. was found not guilty of murder but guilty of manslaughter. The manslaughter conviction was the exact position taken by Mr. Sederoff to the jury. They agreed.
  • A woman was charged with counselling to commit murder. After careful negotiations and resolution discussions, Mr. Sederoff convinced the Crown Attorney to withdraw the charge as there was no genuine intention adduced by the gathered information.

Impaired Driving / Over 80 / Refuse Breath Sample / Dangerous Driving

  • After a car accident and excessive readings, Mr. Sederoff was able to highlight triable issues and prior to trial resolve the entire case from dangerous driving to a conditional discharge.
  • M. R. was charged in Parry Sound with impaired driving and having a blood alcohol level above 80 mgs. He was found not guilty.
  • M. M. was charged in Newmarket with having a blood alcohol level over 80 mgs had his charges reduced to a Highway Traffic Act charge after a charter motion was filed.
  • Early resolution from an obstruction of a police officer charge to conditional discharge was achieved.
  • W. M. was a young man with no criminal record charged with Over 80. Mr. Sederoff had his charged reduced to an HTA charge that resulted in no criminal record and he was able to continue to drive.
  • A. A. was charged with Over 80 in Scarborough. After careful negotiations, his charges were reduced to the Highway Traffic charge Section 130 Careless Driving with conditions. Not Guilty of Impaired Driving and Over 80.
  • S. E. charged with dangerous driving in Newmarket in June of 2017. Found not guilty.
  • T. C. was charged with dangerous driving in Brampton. He was found not guilty at trial.

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